High-Quality Content and Blog Posts for Dental Websites

As a healthcare professional, you want your target audience to be able to find your dental practice when they search for services online. Learn more about the importance of high-quality dental website content and how Mighty Scribes can help bring new patients to your practice.

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Why Invest in Content for My Dental Website?

Rank for dental marketing keywords and rise to the top of the search results with high-quality website content

Attract new patients with engaging and valuable information throughout your dental practice website

Emphasize your expertise as a dentist and showcase your experience alongside the dental services you offer

Rank for local searches and the Google Map Pack and increase web traffic and foot-traffic to your dental office

The Mighty Scribes Process

How it works

Work With an SEO Campaign Manager

With the help of a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Campaign Manager, you'll fine-tune your target audience and your dental office’s identity. A campaign manager will come up with the most effective way to reach prospective patients. Together, you'll go over your goals, the best keywords to use, and the most relevant dental topics to cover. Publishing quality content on your dentistry website allows you to rise to the top of the search rankings.

Send Your Order to a Skilled Dental Website Content Writer

Our team of dental writers has extensive experience writing for various healthcare industries. Your assigned content writer is hand-selected for their history of dental content marketing. And they'll write your blog post within 12 to 14 days. This will include information from reputable sources within the field, covering topics like brushing and flossing, dental sealants, restorative treatments, preventative care, or dentures. Our dental writing team will also ensure the content matches your brand voice as if it were written by your own in-house writer.

Suggest Edits to Your Dental Website Content and Blog Posts

After your content is written, you can review it and suggest any edits or revisions to better showcase your brand and really fine-tune your voice. Unlike pre-written blog content, our copywriters make sure your posts are written as though they're actually from your team. While writing content, they also optimize it for search engines by using rich media, high-ranking keywords, and proper metadata. Our dental copywriters go a long way to meet your expectations and ensure you have the best website within the dental field.

The Mighty Scribes Method

Why Work With Dental Website Content Writers?

Knowledgeable Dental Content Writers

Having a team of knowledgeable dental writers is essential to maximize conversions. Experienced content writers can fill out a robust services page or create blog posts about veneers or implants to ensure potential clients that your practice is trustworthy. Professional writers can also create guides answering common dental questions for incoming patients. It’s important that you choose writers who have the qualifications to advance your content marketing strategy and appeal to prospective patients.

financial content writers
financial content writers

SEO-Optimized Dental Blog Posts

One of the most important advantages of writing dental web content is increasing website traffic. It’s the best way to tackle digital marketing and draw more eyes to your home page. That’s why a professional writer from the Mighty Scribes team uses advanced software to optimize your content for search engines. Our team analyzes pages of dental content on your website and includes the best elements while writing blogs to ensure they’ll rank. We can help you find potential patients, increase your site’s relevancy, and boost your revenue long-term.

Custom Content

Our writing services include custom content to showcase your services and highlight your credibility as a dentist. We maintain your brand's voice and help you establish a consistent online presence.

Internal Linking for Site Authority

Using internal links, our professionals help improve your site's user experience. This also tells Google that there are other relevant pages available on your dental blog. It helps both visitors and major search engines see your site as an authority within your field.

Just the Right Word Count

Our dental writers will craft pages of great content to help determine the right word count for your blog. They'll cover dental topics that are relevant to your target audience to improve lead generation.

Mighty Scribes

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Dental Writers FAQ

What separates Mighty Scribes from other content writing services?

Some providers within the digital marketing industry only write for the general public. But our team at Mighty Scribes can create dental web content that actually drives new traffic to your site using relevant information that's SEO-optimized. When you have medical writing that shows expertise and has the right keywords, your website will bring more leads whenever potential patients run a Google Search.

Do I really need dental web content as a dentist?

Absolutely! These days, it's crucial for dental websites to have high-quality content. Google prefers long-form articles that are informative and in-depth. That’s why blog posts often rank very well on search engines, and it's also why this can mean more traffic and new web visitors.

How long does it take to complete dental blog posts?

Writing for online publications differs greatly from writing for print marketing. Every content piece you publish online helps build your online presence as part of a larger content strategy. This is all to establish your brand as an authority within dentistry and drive more traffic to your business. It's also why it takes about two weeks to complete a set of dental blog posts. We don't use any pre-written content. Instead, we take the time to incorporate your goals into your marketing strategy and assign an SEO manager to work with you.

Do you offer other content writing services?

Yes! Our writers can also help you improve your home page, create product descriptions, optimize your landing pages, and even assist with press releases. If you need additional content from our dental writers beyond just blog posts, let your assigned campaign manager know. They'll help you take your content marketing strategy to the next level! Contact us to request writing samples today.

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