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Looking for medical content writers who are knowledgeable and have experience reaching your desired target audience? Check out some of the many reasons why you should choose Mighty Scribes for medical content writing.

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Why Invest in Medical Content?

Boost your rankings for medical keywords and drive organic traffic from search engines using high-quality medical content writing

Attract patients and generate leads with quality content written by professional healthcare content writers

Showcase your expertise as a healthcare professional and discuss health and wellness with your target audience

Promote your web content on email marketing campaigns, social media accounts, and other areas to establish a consistent online presence

Medical Content Writing Process

How it works

Collaborate With an SEO Campaign Manager

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a key aspect of increasing your online visibility and driving more traffic to your website. When you reach out to our team, you have the opportunity to collaborate with an expert SEO manager who will help you establish your content marketing goals. Together, you'll narrow down your branding as well as your desired target audience. Expect to go over the type of content that will improve your search engine rankings, the type of writing that fits into your brand as well as the best way to tackle your medical marketing strategy.

Send Your Ideas to a Skilled Medical Content Writer

Our medical content writing service is trusted by mental health offices, cancer treatment facilities, rehabilitation centers, cosmetic surgery centers, and more. This is because the Mighty Scribes team has the experience, knowledge, and writing skills to discuss a variety of health-related topics. From healthcare technology and wellness tips to healthcare legislation, they can provide relevant information for your ideal audience using reputable sources. The team will then write your blog posts within 12 to 14 days, matching your brand voice as if they were written by your own in-house writer.

Revise Your Medical Website Content and Blog Posts to Meet Your Standards

After your posts are complete, you can request any revisions to highlight any new information or better meet your content marketing goals throughout the approval process. The healthcare content you receive is never pre-written. It's always customized and personalized to your brand identity, and our writers are able to create SEO-optimized blogs for different audiences. Every piece of content from our team will include internal links, rich media, alt text, metadata, and other SEO elements.

The Mighty Scribes Method

Benefits of Working With Mighty Scribes

Experienced Medical Writers

Our team takes on the same form of content writing seen on your own website. They aim to keep your tone consistent as if it were created by one of your own writers. We have subject matter experts ready to talk about your healthcare products or deliver educational content on behalf of your clinic. You can trust our health writers to meet your expectations!

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Health Care Blog Posts With SEO Potential

On top of familiarity with the medical writing market, our team creates great content using SEO best practices. In fact, the Mighty Scribes medical content writers use advanced software to conduct keyword research, plan the best content strategy, and provide accurate information while writing content. We’ll take care of SEO optimization while delivering quality medical copywriting. That way, you can earn new customers or patients and boost your overall revenue.

Personalized Content

Expect custom content made to attract your ideal client. Our posts are written specifically for your healthcare business and aim to showcase your unique services or products.

Internal Links for a Better User Experience

We also utilize internal links to direct your customers to other pages on your website. It helps Google discover new pages and improves the user experience for clients and patients.

Optimal Word Count

Every word matters! Whether you're looking to create short website copy or long-form articles, let us know your target word count in your submission form!

Vetted Medical
Content Writers

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Medical Content Writers FAQ

Why should I choose Mighty Scribes over having an in-house writer?

Other medical content writing services don't optimize their content for search engines. They're simply writing medical articles that don't necessarily bring more readers to your website. With our expertise, we can drive new clients to your website by showing Google that you have expertise and authority within your specific medical field. That's why so many brands across dozens of industries trust Mighty Scribes.

How can content writers for medical industry subject matter improve my website?

Google Search results are determined by several factors, such as relevance, usability, and expertise. In order for your website to rank high, it's important that you have long-form, in-depth articles that answer common search questions. That's why you need a blog with informative content to elevate your brand, increase your organic traffic, and bring in new website visitors.

Why do blog posts take several weeks to complete?

Our medical writers aim to deliver high-quality, SEO-optimized copy that's consistent with your brand and attracts new clients. This is a process that takes time. With the help of our marketing campaign managers, you'll establish website traffic and revenue goals then our writing team will work on the medical content writing to help reach those goals.

Do you offer other types of health content services?

Absolutely! Our expert medical content writers are capable of creating content in a variety of formats. Whether you're looking for short sentences for your landing pages or need press releases and product descriptions, our team is ready to deliver! Just let your campaign manager know, and we can help you take your medical industry content to the next level.

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