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A well-crafted landing page can make all the difference in turning website visitors into loyal customers. At Mighty Scribes, we create high-quality copy for landing pages that’s SEO-optimized and improves conversion rates.

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The Benefits of High-Quality Copywriting for Landing Pages

Increase your conversion rates with high-quality copywriting that's tailored to your target audience.

Drive organic traffic from our SEO-optimized landing page copy that increases keyword rankings and visibility.

Stand out from the competition with engaging copy that distinguishes your unique brand voice.

Communicate your expertise with clear and concise copywriting that projects your industry authority

What's Included in Our Landing Page Copywriting Service?

Partnering With an SEO Campaign Manager

Once you complete a submission form, we'll connect you with an SEO campaign manager to start discussing the goals for your landing pages. Let us know any target keywords you may have for your copy. Or if you need help with content strategy, our keyword research services can provide you a roadmap for organic SEO success. Once your keywords are determined, your SEO campaign manager will utilize their expert analysis to determine the strategy for your landing page before handing it off to our skilled copywriters.

Drafting Landing Page Content That Fits Your Brand Identity

All of our landing page content will be written by professional SEO and content marketing writers. They also use proprietary content optimization software while writing your landing page to ensure it includes every SEO element necessary to rank well organically. Our copywriters have years of experience writing in a variety of industries, from ecommerce, to technology, to B2B, and more, so you can be certain that your expertise will be on full display.

Revising and Editing Your Copy

Finally, you'll have the chance to review the copy and ensure it fits your brand's identity and appeals to your ideal customer. Let us know of any revisions you'd like to make and our team can incorporate them to fit your mighty standards! We pride ourselves on creating content that meets your goals and reads as though it were written by your brand's in-house content team.

The Mighty Scribes Method

Why Work With
Mighty Scribes?

Copywriting for Your Brand Identity

Having a consistent brand identity helps your customers identify what makes you stand out as a brand. That’s why our team of professional copywriters aims to create landing pages that sound like you and showcases your value as a business. Our writers have written for a wide variety of industries and know exactly how to mimic your brand voice while distinguishing your brand in consumers’ minds.

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Leader Status

Landing Pages That Rank

The Mighty Scribes team prioritizes SEO best practices while creating landing page content. One of the biggest benefits of landing pages is their ability to drive conversions by ranking high in search engine results. We understand the opportunity that every landing page creates to generate revenue for your  business. So, we ensure your content results in high-ranking potential to meet your business goals.

Keyword-Rich Copy

Our landing page copywriting will include longer-tail, targeted keywords to satisfy user search intent. We'll cover phrases and terms that help you stand out from competitors within the same industry and result in higher conversions.

Industry Expertise

Our Mighty Scribes marketers write with authority in mind. This allows Google to see your business as an expert in its field. Whether your company occupies the real estate industry or the automotive industry, your landing page content will highlight your business as a leader.

Rich Media and Alt Text

Your landing page content will also include other SEO elements that help your visibility and conversion rates. Expect rich media and SEO-optimized alt text so your landing page can rank on the first page of search results. And of course, no landing page is complete without a call to action (CTA), so we craft CTAs that get your visitors to convert.

What's Included in My Landing Page Copy?

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Landing Page Copywriting FAQ

How long will it take for me to get my landing page copy?

All of our content is written within 7 to 14 days and will typically include one round of revisions and editing. We optimize our landing page content for the highest ranking potential and to maximize conversions, so you can expect to find original content that's not pre-written. Our team prioritizes copy that's personalized to your target audience and helps meet your business goals.

What if I need landing page content, but I don’t have a topic or keyword?

That’s okay. For an additional cost, our SEO campaign managers can help you identify relevant keywords and topics that your target audience is searching for on Google. So, even if you don't have specific key terms in mind, our mighty team is ready to help you figure out the most relevant phrases for your brand as a supplemental part of our landing page copywriting services.

Are landing pages profitable?

Yes, 100%. When done correctly, landing pages can be very profitable for businesses. In our opinion, every landing page on your website should be doing the work of earning new customers for your business. Landing pages are the first point of contact for website visitors, so we focus on CTAs in our copywriting so you can convert visitors into paying customers.

Do you need SEO for landing pages?

When your landing page is optimized for search engines, it's easier to drive organic traffic to your website. You can then turn this traffic into leads and conversions. So, we'd say that yes, you do need SEO for your landing page! And that’s why our landing page copywriters are knowledgeable about SEO and what it takes to rank.

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