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Hire a team of experienced content writers who know how to create high-performing content that will generate leads and revenue for your law firm. When you choose Mighty Scribes, you get access to the best legal industry content writers.

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Why Invest in Legal Content for my Law Firm?

Rank for legal industry keywords and increase your organic traffic with high-quality original law firm content

Turn leads into clients with informative and click-worthy legal content

Highlight your expertise in the law industry and showcase your legal services

Use legal content to promote in your social media and content marketing strategy

The Mighty Scribes Procedure

Pair You With an Experienced SEO Campaign Manager

After completing your submission form, a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign manager will reach out to you to better understand your law firm’s target audience, brand voice, and goals. We'll help you determine the keywords, blog topics, and tone of voice needed to best connect with your ideal client in the target markets that your law firm serves.

Work with Skilled SEO Legal Content Writers

All of our professional content writers are well-vetted and have extensive experience writing in a variety of industries, including law. Your content writer will be chosen for their past experience in legal copywriting and knowledge of legal industry topics. Our legal content writers will write your post within 12 to 14 days, tailoring the content to your customers’ journeys, optimizing it, and focusing on building relationships to help you reach and convert more potential customers. We make sure your blog post matches your brand voice and is written as if created by a member of your in-house legal team.

Revise your Legal Blog Post to Perfection

You’ll have the opportunity to review your blog content and request any revisions that better meet your content strategy goals, discuss legal terms, or display your brand voice. Unlike services that sell pre-written legal content, our best content writers focus on providing content that actually reads like it was written by a member of your law firm. In addition to subject matter expertise and appropriate tone of voice, your post will include every element it takes to rank at the top of search engine results.

The Mighty Scribes Method

Why Choose Mighty Scribes Legal Content Writers?

Highly-vetted Legal Content Writers

Our legal content writers are former journalists, academics, content marketers, and creatives with years of experience in creating law firm content. We find the perfect fit on our team for your law firm, connecting you with the professional content writers who have the most experience writing in legal terminology and topics. We want to ensure your content reflects your legal expertise!

financial content writers
financial content writers

Content with High Conversion Potential

In an age of content overload, it’s essential to have access to experienced content marketing technical writers who can craft engaging, informative, and well-written legal content that resonates with your target market and guides them toward conversion. That’s why all of our legal content includes the necessary elements it takes to rank and convert. We make sure your legal articles can earn you new customers and new revenue.

Original Legal Content

No pre-written legal content here. Our blog posts are written specifically for you to fit your brand voice and showcase your law firm’s legal expertise.

SEO Optimized

Your legal blog post will include every SEO element that it takes to rank, from optimized page titles and meta descriptions to internal links to other relevant content on your legal website.

The Word Count of Your Choice

We offer blog posts of all different lengths so you can get exactly the length of blog posts that you’re seeking. Make sure to let us know your target word count in your submission form!

The Benefits of Working With Mighty Scribes

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Legal Content Writers FAQ

What separates Mighty Scribes writers from freelancers?

Unlike other providers in the content marketing industry, MIghty Scribes specializes in search engine optimized content, meaning posts that actually drive new traffic and new leads to your website. Working with freelancers often means less optimized and lesser quality content that requires more revision and more strategic optimization on the part of your in-house team.

Why Does it Take 2 Weeks for a Blog Post?

We believe it’s important for your legal articles to be high-quality, optimized, and tailored to your industry, and to explore legal topics in-depth. That’s why we don’t offer pre-written content and why we take the time to introduce you to a campaign manager who can incorporate your legal business and revenue goals strategically into your post.

Do I really need blog posts on my law firm website?

Google loves to promote long-form, in-depth, and informative articles in the search engine results pages (SERPs) to help answer user questions. That’s why our posts often rank very well in SERPs, and why they can mean more traffic and new web visitors. Publishing blog posts on a consistent basis about legal topics is one of the best ways to increase your organic traffic and elevate your brand in the legal industry.

Do you offer other content writing services beyond blogs?

Yes! Our content writers are also skilled in creating product descriptions, landing pages, press releases, and more. If you have additional content needs beyond just blog posts, let your SEO campaign manager know, and our legal content writers can help you take your content strategy to the next level.

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